Customer Log In Portal- It’s right around the corner!

We will be launching our first phase of our online customer portal come August,2017. This new feature will allow our customer to track all there FTL's shipments through one central log in. This tracking system can and will generate automatic tracking emails to keep your team in the know from pick up to delivery without having to do a single thing! See below the highlights for this new service.

- Automatic notification when drivers arrive depart, shipper and receivers.

- Updates available 2-4 hours.

- Real time mapping showing all active shipments on route.

- Automatic tracking emails sent to your transportation team.

- Service available in USA and Canada.

After the roll out of our online tracking services customers will be able to as well retrieve POD’s, invoices direct through your log in information and keep track of all payables. We are excited for this next chapter in the Loyalty history books and are always open to suggestions from any and all partners how we can continuously better the customer service experience with Loyalty Logistics.